Who Wears Short…Pants


Nothing makes you feel more like a 5’9″ giant than ankle pants that, well, aren’t really ankle pants on you.

I bought these pants last year when Target had this chain link pattern on everything, and I loved the print and the idea of ankle pants. I think I just tried them and liked the way they fit (minus the length), so I bought them and then never wore them until now. Whoops.

A year later I probably wouldn’t do that, and I would search for some “long-legged” options to satisfy my ankle pants need (which Land’s End is suppose to have a great option -here – where you can get the pants tailored to a length of your choice….whaaat?…sign me up). Options, retailers, are a great thing!

But I’m rocking them now (Is there a flood coming…no?) and at least I found a way to make “capris” office appropriate, no?