On Trend: Red, White, and Blue


Whaaaaaat? You thought just because I was on vacation that I would forget about Red, White, and Blue Week here on Style On Target.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

I never forget a chance to celebrate my favorite color combination, so get ready for a week of it! Plus, as a bonus, I heard there are fireworks in EVERY city across the nation for the last day (Saturday) of Style On Target’s Red, White, and Blue Week. Yeah, it’s that big of a deal (or that’s a joke and it is because it is Fourth of July…one of the two ;)).

So we’re kicking the week off right with some last minute red, white, and blue finds to help you get ready for the week, so if you’re missing some of this Americana color mix, then let’s get you started!

Get your patriotic vibes on with these red, white, and blue items:

  1. Old Navy Americana Print Sneakers
  2. Target Stars and Stripes Infinity Scarf
  3. Land’s End Red Chino Shorts (these come in yellow, khaki, and navy too!)
  4. Awake “Party Like It’s 1776” Graphic Tank (when I first saw this…I could not stop laughing! So great!)
  5. Target Red/White/Blue Braided Belt (this is from the men’s dept., but I obviously love it!)
  6. Target Oversized American Flag Print Scarf
  7. Old Navy Navy Star Print Button Down Shirt
  8. Mad Love American Flag Print Slip-on Shoes

  • I think it’s a tribute to your great voice/blogging style that I so love your blog even though I NEVER wear red, white, or navy! :)