Classic, Cool, and Collared


I’m seeing Ed Sheeran tonight! I’m seeing Ed Sheeran tonight! I’M SEEING ED SHEERAN TOOOOONIGHT!

A little excited, aren’t we? It’s been the summer of dream concerts here at Style On Target Headquarters (aka the giant green armchair where I write a large majority of my blog posts…desks are for chumps) with Taylor Swift back in early June and now Ed Sheeran tonight!

So I’ll keep it short so that I’m not late for my pre-concert picnic party, but if you haven’t listened to Ed’s song, “Photograph,” then that’s your homework for the night (check it out here). Class dismissed! ;)

ps. The venue tonight is where I actually saw my very first concert (SPICE GIRLS!!!!!). My very cool aunt took me, and I’m sure I shrieked in her ear allllll night long (very belated thanks, Aunt Dana!). What was your first concert?

pps. Loft is having another 50% off sale (with code GOFOURTH), and a few of the new arrivals are online only exclusives, so I placed an order. Here were my favorite pieces from the new arrivals (click to be taken to the item for more details)! Are you ordering anything?


  • So jealous! Have so much fun! My first concert was supposed to be Backstreet Boys when I was 12…and then AJ went to rehab so they cancelled it. Childhood dream crushed.