Five for Friday, Vol. 87 – TGIF!


Thank Goodness It’s Friday!

Am I right?

Just a few more hours of pushing that paper (no one really says that in real life, right?) and you’ll be free! Don’t be too jealous of me though, because though I have the day off, I’m pushing a vacuum around my house trying to get it prepped for my in-laws to visit!

So we all deserve a break and/or a treat! Like maybe one of these five TGIF items?

  • Kristin Eveland

    I am dying for the vest. I went and tried it on and am now sad that I didn’t buy it. Hoping it goes on sale soon!

  • Sarah

    Ugh I hate vacuuming. Good luck with that!

  • That top is so cute! I have a green utility vest from ON last season and I love it.

  • Jaime Costilow

    Seriously, those striped shoes can hop in my closet anytime they’d like! Super cute picks!

    XO, Jaime