Gingham Getaway

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Back from the quickest weekend EVER (and maybe the hottest Saturday of my life)!

We spent all Saturday out and about in St. Louis, and at one point, we were standing in the blazing sun at the St. Louis Zoo (which is pretty great) and the weather app on my phone said it was 95 degrees, but felt like 100 degrees. EEEEK! Probably not our smartest decision to stand/walk all day in the sun, but we solved it with a ice cream sundae!

A smart decision I did make? Buying myself these gingham “ankle” pants. Sure, they aren’t anywhere close to my ankle, but they do making going into work on a Monday after the world’s quickest weekend much, much easier.

Hallelujah for the little things, right?




  • Okay this outfit is the greatest. I love black and white. And I want to recreate this, right down to the yellow purse.

  • Great outfit! I love the yellow purse with the black and white!

  • Florentina Scusi

    Great ensemble! Very nice pants, chic!

  • Been in a kind of blue funk over here and MIA from reading my blogs. So glad to have stopped by to see this great outfit. Such cute pants. One of my all time favs on you!