Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Budget Version

Aka…what’s a good buy and won’t break the bank during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale…

Sorry if you were looking for my travel post on Guemes Island, because you’re getting something completely different today, and it’s honestly better (because I wore the same dress that I wore in yesterday’s post with these sandals and this pearl statement necklace to the wedding).


So sure, you AND I have read a million and one posts about the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, but you haven’t read this budget-friendly, Target-prices-rule blogger’s version. I originally told myself I wasn’t going to do one of these, because every single other style blogger does one. However, after I got tricked into clicking on someone’s link for an $800 coat (because that is never, ever, ever getting in my closet), I decided that I would do one, but only if I was thinking of similar-budgeted ladies when I was doing it. So here it is, broken down into price ranges for you, so hopefully it is fairly transparent*!

*Just a reminder, I make a few cents per click you make through ShopStyle Collective, just so I’m being even more transparent!




UNDER $100

ps. Sale prices are good through sell out of stock or through August 3 when the sale ends, so don’t dally!

  • Psals

    The Street Level tote is my absolute favorite purchase from this year’s sale! They’re all sold out now, but I’m so glad I jumped on it as soon as the sale opened up to non card holders!!

  • Yes to a realistic budget! When I shopped the sale, I sorted by price and didn’t look at anything over $50.

  • Woo hoo! I was getting sick of Anniversary Sale posts because they were not practical for me! Thanks for scoping out the budget options! :)