On Trend: All of the Olive


It looks like someone was hungry for some olives when they planned the late summer/pre-fall collection for Target. Lots of darker, muted green shades to choose from, which can definitely help you transition from summer to fall.

And if you don’t have a utility vest, this one from Target is pretty great. I can’t wait to pull out my old one from Old Navy and start the fall layering fun!

So let’s grab allllll of the ollllive!

  1. Merona Olive/White Patterned Favorite Cami (comes in 3 other patterns)
  2. Merona Green Crossbody Purse (not olive, but too pretty not to put in here!)
  3. XOXO Olive Drapey Cargo Jacket
  4. Merona Olive Swing Tank Dress
  5. Merona Olive Shorts
  6. Merona Olive Utility Vest
  7. Merona¬†Olive Ankle Boots (obsessed with these and they’re in charcoal and taupe too!)
  8. Merona Olive Border Trim Tee