Five for Friday, Vol. 90 – Modge Podge


You know, just a modge podge of things that I would love to magically appear in my closet.

Because with technology advancements, that’s what Pinterest will be one day right? You pin an item, and it shows up in your closet instantly? I came up with the idea, now you technology folks/engineers/etc. make it happen!

ps. My bestie, B, told me that she had actually bought the navy boots on my recommendation from my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale post (see it here) and wanted to hate them (because who wants to buy fall/winter boots when it is 90 degrees outside?), but she ended up LOVING them. And for the record, her style is completely different from mine, so you might need them too! ;)

  • That weekender bag is adorable! Even when I go away for a weekend it’s not big enough for all the stuff I think I need.

  • legallyheidi

    So i recently bought that grid print satchel purse and i LURRRVEEEE it :D Highly recommend. I need another…stat.