Five for Friday, Vol. 91 – Feeling Foxy


My love for foxes is well known to my family, friends, and loved ones. So much so that my mom has a Pinterest board (follow me here) that’s dedicated to things that make her think of me…1/2 of it is filled with foxes (for those wondering, the other half is made up of bikes and s’mores and puppies).

I had seen this scarf a looooong time ago on Target’s website, since I am known to spend a lot of time on there. At the time, I didn’t really need another scarf, but then I decided I would really like a clothing piece with a fox on it, and a scarf seemed the most “normal” route to go.

Turns out by then, everyone else wanted fox scarves too, so it was sold out. I just happened to be searching for something else this week and lo and behold? My fox scarf was back, so I added it to my cart and rushed to check out, so hopefully it is on its way to me in the mail!

And that my friends is why I’m feeling foxy!

ps. All the items today make an outfit that I would TOTALLY wear. Coincidence or further fate? We may never known! ;)

  • L Magoon

    Foxes aren’t the only cute scarf pattern — looks like Target has added lots of cute patterns, I saw (in addition to the very cute foxes) various clever patterns incorporating seahorses, Bicycles, musical notes, British and American flags, large letters of the alphabet, horses, deer, pineapples, green apples, red apples . . . like you, I can’t generally bear to pay full price, but hopefully some of them will be left come next year’s scarf clearance (or perhaps a good sale will have to suffice!)