Red and Blue and Tommy Too

Tommy gets it, guys. He understands that everything should be blue, red, or white (or even better if it is the trifecta…aka all three) and covered in stripes.

So here I was, minding my own business while browsing Macy’s new arrivals (a normal Sunday just like any other), and out pops everything Tommy Hilfiger basically begging me to take them home. Because while I’m sure that Macy’s takes good care of them, they would definitely enjoy my closet a lot more.

Red sweater here, navy skirt there, and a beautiful bow-ed pair of heels! Insert emoji heart eyes allllll over.

I ended up with only this stripe skirt (here), for now at least, but I fully intend on diving fully into the Tommy Hilfiger ocean of amazing fall clothes once it’s not 90 degrees outside (like it is planning on being here the rest of the week). Feel free to check out the full collection (here) or click any of my favorites below! Plus, bonus time…today and tomorrow only, you can use the code “BTS” to get 15-20% off most of the items below!

Do you guys have any designers that just seem to get you? Let me know in the comments!