Those Pants Are Cute



These. Pants.

The Husband said they were cute, which is a big deal, because clothes here never get complimented by The Husband. I’m not saying The Husband doesn’t say that I look nice, but I am saying that I personally steal all the compliments. I’m a compliment monster. None leftover for skirts, dresses, shirts, shoes, or pants…until now.

Sorry other clothes, I guess you’ll just have to try harder to live up to these pants. Better luck next time.

ps. This was the second time I had tried Old Navy’s Pixie pants, and the first time I actually loved them. I think it is because this pair is mid-rise, and some of the other styles aren’t. Anyways, I highly recommend them (at least the polka dot pair), and I might be purchasing a second style soon (maybe today)? Warning: they’re usually excluded from Old Navy’s constant sale promos (in the fine print), but they’re included in today’s sale (here), so snag them while you can get them on super sale (use code SWEETDEAL for an extra 30% off today only)! 


  • Loving the polka dot and chambray combo! Those two pieces are wonderful on their own, so of course they are even better together. And good for the husband, he clearly knows his stuff!

    Fashion By Committee

  • Well that is a ringing endorsement! They are darn cute, especially with chambray and kitten heels. The times I’ve attempted these ones the fit just hasn’t been even close to right, sadly… maybe 3rd time’s the charm for me?!

  • legallyheidi

    i have…6 pairs of pixie pants. Which speaks to how awesome they are. Including those polka dot ones :) You have great taste my friend! :)