When You’re Ready, Come and Get It


That title challenge up there? That’s directed at Monday aka the worst day of the week aka today (it’s also a lyric from a super catchy Selena Gomez song*).

But this week (unlike last week), I’m ready for you Monday! I’ve had a whole three days off, and I’m coming off my weekend of easy-breezy-lake vibes. Which basically means I think I can do anything.

Printer out of toner? Easy. Angry customer? Bring ’em on. 25 phones calls and 50 new unread emails? Simple.

So let’s do this Monday, I’m ready, you’re ready. Come and get it.

*ps. B and I are really dorky and have this thing where we text each other Selena Gomez lyrics when we hear one of her songs on. Does anyone else have weird inside jokes with their friends and want to share them below?!


  • Pretty much all of my inside jokes with friends revolve around quoting TV shows (#hashbrownnofilter, anyone?), but after having a friend help me stage my house for sale I am getting some flack about my bobby pin problem as well (as in, they can be found in the carpet of every. single. room. of. my. house).

    (PS- You thrift the cutest stuff! )

    Jess | fashionbycommittee.com

  • You look so 60s and cute!! I love that you two text each other song lyrics! Too funny! A coworker and I send each other funny gifs!
    Sincerely, Sara

  • Sarah H.

    Yup. I see a “who wore it better” in our future (just kidding…we’re both equally amazing at all times).

    ~Sarah of Sarah’s Real Life

  • Adorable.

    That is all.

  • Love this look! And oh yeah, so many inside jokes. My BFF and I will text each other song lyrics in the hopes of getting the song stuck in the other one’s head. And the boy and I do basically the same. ;)