Loving The Limited

You know what store doesn’t get a lot of blog love? The Limited.

I don’t really understand why, because the pieces that I’ve got from there, I’ve loved (my dog and bike intarsia sweaters come to mind…)! Maybe, it’s because it is a lot of business wear, and a lot of blogs (sadly) don’t feature that?

Well, I certainly do, and even my casual style features a lot of “office wear staples” (blazers, buttondowns, etc.), so I’m featuring the brand’s fall collection here in today’s post for that reason and two other reasons.

1.) I feel like The Limited is killing it in the fallĀ colorĀ palette department (the browns, yellows, and blues!), and 2.) I can’t stop pinning outfits from their fall lookbook (see it here – just gorgeous stuff)!

Just a warning on their pricing though, before we all start ordering things like crazy…their sale structure is a lot like Loft or J.Crew Factory. They always seem to have a sale (and if they don’t, it’s probably coming in the next two days or so), so you kind of want to wait around (at least I try to wait…I’m super impatient) for the best deal possible.

So after that warning, enjoy checking out and clicking on my top picks from The Limited’s fall line!

  • Kaci

    I’m loving the yellow pencil skirt & peacoat!

  • I love the limited for pants and skirts. I don’t usually don’t like their tops – they are a bit too polyster and ill fitting on me. But pants and skirts: hell yes.

  • I like The Limited too! I just wish I had a store closer to me–their shipping charges are pretty expensive for ordering stuff online.