August 2015 Budget

August is such a weird month. It’s blazing hot outside, but all I want it to be is 55 degrees and sunny. The summer tanks and shorts are still on the shelves and racks, but all I want is for them to be shoved aside for fall blazers and jeans. So I tried to compromise this month and pick some pieces that can do double duty.

Check out August’s budget below to see the damage:


August 2015 Budget
+ Loft Green Crew Cardigan – $29 ($49.50 originally – 40% off sale – here)
+ J.Crew Factory White/Black Embroidered Tee – $23 ($59 originally – sale price – 20% off coupon code – here)
+ Old Navy Polka Dot Pixie Pants – $18 ($34.94 originally – sale price – 40% off sale – here)
+ Tommy Hilfiger Stripe Skirt – $19 ($50 originally – sale price – 20% off coupon code – here)
+ Merona Navy Quilted Ballet Flats – $16 ($20 originally – 20% off sale on shoes – here)
+ Old Navy Long Cardigan – $15 ($29.94 originally – sale price – 40% off sale – here)
+ Target Fox Print Oversized Scarf – $20 ($20 originally – here)
+ Merona Blue Stripe Boatneck Tee – $7 ($12 originally – BOGO 50% – 20% off multiple t-shirt sale – here)

Not Pictured:
+ Merona Red Stripe Boatneck Tee – $7 ($12 originally – BOGO 50% – 20% off multiple t-shirt sale – here)
+ Old Navy Red Floral Print Skirt – $10 ($27 originally – sale price – 40% off – here and highly recommended for the price!)
+ Old Navy Burgundy Floral Print Skirt – $10 ($27 originally – sale price – 40% off – here)
+ Old Navy Fox Print Buttondown – $15 ($25 originally – 40% off – here & SO cute!)
+ Old Navy Plaid Buttondown – $15 ($25 originally – 40% off – here and perfect for fall!)

Total Spent: $194

Goal: $200
Amount Under/Over: +$6 = $200 – $194
Total Saved: $198 = $392 (if not on sale) – $194
Item Count: 13
Carryover to Next Month: $31 = $6 + $25 (from Loft shirt and bright blue Merona loafers that I did not keep from July’s budget)**

*Means it was marked off my 2015 Wishlist (see that post here) – nothing this month, but I’ve fulfilled 16 items to date!

I’m really into everything I purchased this month and more surprisingly (to myself), I’m under budget…technically*. I think it’s because I placed a ton of different orders this month, but out of every order I placed, I only kept one or two things.

Things That Didn’t End Up Working
+ Any other pair of Pixie pants from Old Navy (here) – apparently only the polka dotted pair works on these legs!
+ And these stripe fit and flare dresses from Old Navy – just an extremely weird fit on me (and my bestie B who also tried them on in stores). Not good.
+ These adorable printed buttondowns from Boden – I think I just need to order the next size up next time.
+ This plaid dress and this shirtdress from Loft’s 40% off sale – the plaid one was too short (ugh) and the blue one was a bit too frumpy for me.

But that’s okay, because they might work out for you! Ahhh, the beauty of style…something for everyone!

Next month, I’m planning on doing a fall wishlist, but to preview that, I’m planning on adding a sweater or two to my growing stacks, and maybe a new red plaid buttondown (because the navy plaid one above is not enough!). I’d also really like to find a new pair of sangria ankle boots, because let’s face it, I can’t stop wearing ankle boots from fall to spring! ;) What are you looking to add next month (now that fall is almost on our doorstep)!?

How did you do this month on your budget? I’m linking up with Franish’s Budgeting Bloggers, and you should too!

*I also bought my cobalt blue Michael Kors purse (here – obsessed with it’s beauty and it’s ability to mix with a ton of colors) and the infamous J.Crew Factory herringbone vest (here) but didn’t include either one of them in my final budget breakdown for various reasons (#1 because I’m a budget cheater ;)).

**I am going to drop my “carryover” amount to my savings this month (I had $186 in there last month) for next month’s post, so we’ll call it even (see…I’m kind of honorable ;)).

  • Love those navy target flats! I had a similar black pair from target on my wish list but now I think I NEED the navy too! I also have a few of those boat neck tees on their way to my house! I bought the same blue one and I forget which others. Too bad about that old navy dress! I got it in black and loved it so much I bought the grey too!

  • Kaci

    I can’t wait to see how you style the J.Crew embroidered tee! I snagged one for $8 a few months ago on Poshmark and it’s one of my favorites!

  • Kristin

    I saw the Old Navy printed shirt and thought of your blog … glad you got it! :]

  • Loving your navy and striped items :) Nicely done on staying under budget!

  • Love that striped skirt.

  • Jessa

    That scarf is ‘foxy’ (sorry, couldn’t help but pun)! Overall great purchases, I love the cardigans and the stripes.

  • That striped skirt is so cute! I tried on the same Old Navy fit and flare dress, liked the stripes, didn’t care for the fit and elbow sleeves on me.

  • I really like the fox scarf and the long cardigan. LOL! I try not to be a budget cheater, but there are a few things, like true investment pieces that I may set aside from my budget because I’ve saved alternate funds not a part of my budget for them.