Gingham and Cognac


This dress really is the dress that keeps on giving. It easily transcends going out on my birthday (here) to pushing that paper at work in today’s look.

And actually, that’s all I do at work is push paper. They don’t recommend heels for it, but I was born to break the rules. ;)


  • This is probably my favorite look yet with this dress. The coganc and cream look so good with it.

    • Agreed, this is completely amazing. I’m going to have to find some more cognac for this fall.

      Jess |

  • MrsKinne

    One of my favorite looks that you’ve done! Love the colors. <3

  • Taylor Westbrook

    I don’t know if you’re processing your photos differently, or if it’s the lighting, but I LOVE these photos! And the outfit is great too :)