What I Wish I Wore, Vol. 95 – Very Violet

Very Violet

This might be the prettiest skirt I’ve ever seen offered at J.Crew Factory. It’s also great, because it has at least six colors in the pattern and think of how many ways you could mix and match it with all those colors and/or any neutrals!

Pretty and hard-working? That’s a lot to ask of a skirt on a Wednesday, but this one can do it all.

  • Lee D

    Love this outfit!!

  • When I’m contemplating buying something online, I’ll try to create at least five different outfits with it. This skirt was actually one that I did that with, and it presented no challenges. (My favorite creation involved the elephant sweater also currently at JCF.)

  • Hey I just bought that necklace, love it! Also, is anyone else CRAZY excited that it’s cable knit sweater season again? Because I sure am.

    Jess | fashionbycommittee.com

  • Rebecca

    I adore this look. It’s so cozy and cute with the sweater, and that skirt IS pretty. (heart eyes emoji)

  • Omg serious heart-eyes over that skirt!! Also, I feel like “very violet” is my every day mindset! haha