Floral Skirt, Summer Version


I shared this skirt with you all in my August budget (that post here if you missed it), and you should definitely grab one or two of them RIGHT NOW.

I have a lot of plans for this skirt, but this was the number two way that I envisioned wearing it. Why am I just sharing the number two way when you all obviously deserve the number one way right this very second?

Well…because you have to wait tomorrow to see it. Bummer, I know, but you can really blame Old Navy, not me.

Because silly Old Navy started selling this skirt in the summer, and I really envisioned it for a fall look (spoiler alert: ankle boots)! However, this way is still super cute, so hopefully you don’t hate Old Navy that much.

Because you have to like them enough to order this skirt, and you have to like ME enough to check back here tomorrow to see the number one look!

And that my friends is called a To Be Continued (don’t you hate when your favorite TV shows do that?)…


  • On Target item:  Merona White Popover Shirt (similar)
  • Sunglasses: Loft (exact)
  • Purse: Michael Kors (exact)
  • Skirt: Old Navy (exact)
  • Flats: Merona, Target (exact)

  • I literally just put those shoes back in the closet after wearing them for the first time today. I love them. Thank you for finding them!

  • Love this skirt! I have the exact same style and color skirt from ON…but no pattern. The pattern is so fun!

  • Florentina Scusi

    Such a pretty look! I really like the skirt!