On Trend: In the Navy


I grew up on a steady diet of Oldies music playing in my mom’s car and on my school bus, so it’s only natural for me to leave you with this video and this post inspiration…

In the navy / Yes, you can sail the seven seas / In the navy / Yes, you can put your mind at ease / In the navy / Come on now, people, make a stand / In the navy, in the navy

Can’t you see we need a hand / In the navy / Come on, protect the motherland / In the navy / Come on and join your fellow man / In the navy / Come on people, and make a stand / In the navy, in the navy, in the navy (in the navy)

So basically, this song was a catchy recruitment ad for joining the Navy, but in today’s post, it’s a catchy recruitment ad for adding the navy color to your fall palette! Join me, won’t you? ;)

  1. Mossimo Supply Co. Navy Boyfriend Cardigan (comes in lots of other colors too!)
  2. Street Level Navy/White Stripe Tote Bag (looooove this!)
  3. Sole Society Navy Suede Ankle Boots
  4. Merona Navy Suede Pointed Flats
  5. J.Crew Factory Striped Scarf
  6. Old Navy Red/Navy Stripe Pants (neeeeeeed these!)
  7. Geneva Navy/Gold Watch (multiple other color options)
  8. J.Crew Factory Navy Plaid Shirt

  • Oooh, the boots. Do you own navy ones? I’m contemplating a pair and feel like you would be one to have most excellent outfit inspirations… checking the archives now :)

    Also, I know this oldie too – my grandpa was in the navy!

    • Anne – I just bought navy ones this year (in June, I think), so I haven’t busted them out yet, but I can’t wait to! I wore my brown and black ones a million times last year, so I just figured this was the next step!

  • I love that bag.

  • I don’t usually go for suede but those ankle boots are perfection! And darn you for getting that song in my head. ;)