All of the Blues


You guys know that blue is my favorite color, right?

One of my grandmas didn’t the other week, so I’m just checking…

So for everyone that needs a little reminder, I’ve prepared this outfit for you. Blue on blue on blue on blue on blue on blue on blue on blue. That’s right…EIGHT different types of blues!

So now you (and my grandma) know. ;)

Happy Labor Day, you guys! Hope your day is full of fun, and not work!


  • Melanie

    Love it! (Also love Parks and Rec, by the way, and miss it terribly.)

  • Florentina Scusi

    Very pretty striped blue look!

  • Amy Reif

    Cute outfit! I bought this top the other day, but I’m stumped as to what bottoms to pair it with. Could I make it work with black skinny jeans???

  • Christina Fiona Scherwionke

    Love your outfit! The blue combination is perfect :)
    Chris | Caliope Couture

  • I’m always nervous to do the double-stripe, but this works so well!

  • Double stripe done to perfection!! Leslie

  • You look adorable!! I love the stripe mixing – it almost looks like a dress. Love it!