10 Things Tuesday (9.8.15)


Ten Things I’ve Loved This Past Week on The Internet:

  1. News alert: Banana Republic has a bike print scarf, and I’ve already fallen in love with it and ordered it in case it sold out. Because everyone likes bike things as much as I do, right? ;)
  2. Blogger love of the week: Loved this suede skirt and loafer look from Jessica of The Steele Maiden this past week. Now I just need to find a suede button skirt that isn’t too short on these giraffe legs! ;)
  3. My goal this fall/winter? Recreate this outfit with a much cheaper cobalt blue coat. If you see one…let a girl know, won’t you?
  4. For all you (like me) who use the phrase, “I can’t even” and get made fun of…here’s an article coming to our defense…with backing from ancient Greece of all places! So keep on with your I-can’t-evens, because you know I will!
  5. What would happen if you mixed “My Heart Will Go On” (you know…Celine’s killer song from Titanic) and 50’s music? This….and it is AMAZING. 
  6. If you’re like me and can’t go three days without stripes, how about this striped duffle/weekend bag? Yes, please!
  7. I don’t know if I am that excited about the return of Full House. I like when things stay as they were, you know (I wasn’t keen on Girl Meets World either), but I did like this article on 15 secrets that you didn’t know about Full House (and BONUS: 10 celebrities who made appearances on the show).
  8. The Loft coatigan (here) that I mentioned in a previous 10 Things Tuesday post and really really loved, didn’t work out for me, but now I’ve got my eye on a more affordable option from Macy’s (here).
  9. Because the world definitely needs more positivity, here are 10 quotes about love from the late-and-great Mr. Rogers.
  10. If you’re like me and want to get in on the suede skirt trend (without breaking the bank), this skirt is super cute, comes in several colors, and is on sale! The tri-fecta!


  • I love that skirt every time and every way you wear it.