Five for Friday, Vol. 96 – Primary School


Kids are back and school, and so are you in this week’s Five for Friday post! (Cue the groans or the cheers depending on how much you liked school…)

How many of you actually remember the three primary colors?

I’ll give you a big hint…a variation of them all are featured above.

If you still have no idea, they’re red, yellow, and blue! In art class, they probably helped you make purple (mix red and blue), orange (mix yellow and red), green (mix blue and yellow), or tonal colors (pink was made with red and various amounts of white, etc.). And sure, you can’t take your yellow skirt and mix it with a blue print scarf to create a green shirt, but you probably could wear all three of them together with some neutral accessories (actually that sounds super cute!).

And that my friends has been you Style On Target art lesson of the day. Now go off a paint some happy trees! ;)

  • I love that dress. Which makes me love/hate these posts because it helps me find good stuff…but then I want it and I don’t have the budget for it all!