On Trend: Getting Griddy With It


Best blog title ever, right?

Whether you call it a grid print or a window pane print, it’s back again this fall! I wear my grid print skirt from Loft all the time (as I’m sure you know), and I’m eyeing a few of the pieces below to further my grid print collection.

Plus, since all of the above pieces are black and white, they’ll pair nicely with the fall jewel tones, and the pretty pastels in spring!

So let’s get griddy with it! ;)

  1. Merona Grid Print Sheath Dress
  2. Express Grid Print Portofino Shirt
  3. Merona Grid Print Mini Satchel Purse
  4. Merona Grid Print Satchel Purse
  5. ASOS Grid Print Oversized Blanket Scarf
  6. Saks Fifth Avenue Grid Print Flare Skirt
  7. Merona Grid Print Shift Dress
  8. Merona Grid Print Wallet

  • Caliope Couture

    Nice selection! I rather like the grid dresses for fall… :)

    Chris | https://caliope.name

  • I am glad that the grid/windowpane trend is continuing this fall! I just got a blanket scarf from Old Navy that looks almost exactly like that ASOS one, and I can’t wait to wear it once it cools down :)

    • Yes! I saw that one after I finished up the post, but thought it looked IDENTICAL (for less)!

  • L Magoon

    Getting griddy with it? I don’t want to miss one of your best title puns, but am totally lost. A reference to gritty? But I’m missing something. Movie reference?

    • Alyssa D

      I think its in reference to the song “getting jiggy wit it” by will smith

      • L Magoon

        Thanks! :)

        • Yes! You got it, Alyssa! And don’t worry L Magoon (ps. Love the icon!), it wasn’t that great, I just a little bit too excited with it when I figured out it worked! ;)

  • 1. Your title literally made me burst out laughing, which I needed.
    2. I definitely ordered the Merona shift dress. I saw it on Target’s website… and then again on your blog. I decided it had to happen. So thanks for helping me spend money? Glad this pattern is back because I definitely regretted not getting it last season!