Weekend Repeater


I’m a creature of habit on the weekends, especially in the fall. If we don’t have anything going on, I like to walk on Saturday mornings with The Husband and The Puppy and get coffee (and usually a chocolate chip scone). On Sundays, I brunch and then park my butt on the couch to watch my beloved Colts play and cheer on my fantasy football team.

And if you happened to stumble upon me at Target in the wild one weekend day…this is probably what I would be wearing (unless it is 80+ degrees outside or the Colts are about to kickoff)!

Jeans + striped tee + my new favorite purse + ballet flats (or loafers or sneakers, but always FLATS!).

You saw a similar version of this outfit already (here – but in navy, not black!), but here it is in black and white and blue! What can I say? This is real life, and I am a weekend repeater after all.

Do you have a weekend routine/tradition? Let me know that I’m not the only one! ;)


  • On Target item: Merona Stripe Boatneck Tee (exact)
  • Sunglasses: Gap Factory (similar)
  • Necklace: c/o Rocksbox (get your own subscription here, and use code “styleontargetxoxo” for one month free!)
  • Purse: Michael Kors (exact)
  • Jeans: Denizen, Target (exact)
  • Flats: Merona, Target (super similar)

  • So true. My real life weekend, outside of dressing up for service, is jeans and tees. Sometimes not even that much. Oversized holey night shirt with 10 year old sweats. That’s more accurate.