Colts Enthusiast


Roughly two weeks ago, my dad (who is a season ticket holder for the Colts) was “invited” (I use that term loosely…he may have budged his way in…love you Dad ;)) to a Colts luncheon. He took me as his guest, because he’s a nice dad (even though I’m making fun of him in this post), and I’m a diehard Colts enthusiast! This is what I wore to the event, because I really wanted to showcase my team pride!

The event was held at the Colts complex where the team practices, and the room we were having lunch in butted up to the practice field, so I was less than 100 yards away from some of my favorite players! So cool to see our kicker (Adam Vinatieri) and our punter (Pat McAfee) kick some footballs in your direction!

We also got to enjoy lunch while listening to Colts radio announcer interview two Colts players (Greg Toler and Hugh Thornton for you fellow football lovers) speak about their expectations for the season and their love of the Colts franchise. They were so well spoken and great choices to represent the team, and it was really nice to hear how much they value us, the fans.

So thanks to my dad for taking me and the Colts for being so nice to their fans. I still love you guys, even though we lost on Sunday. The best part of being a fan? There is always another game and another chance to shine!

Go Colts!


  • Kaci

    I really like this look – it’s a great way to show your team spirit in business attire!

  • Sarah H.

    I love this look, and it has absolutely zero to do with football. That’s the one where they knock each other down, right?

    ~Sarah of Sarah’s Real Life

  • Leanne Price Heern

    I’ve never commented before… but I love your blog…. read it every day… and living here in Lafayette, Indiana, can tell you that I am a HUGE COLTS FAN…. they are the classiest team in the NFL!!!

    • Leanne! Thanks so much for reading and commenting! Any Colts fan is a friend of mine! And I completely agree! Classiest team ever and hopefully they get their rears in gear Monday! Go Colts!