Black and White, Dots and Stripes


Today’s fun highlights:

  • Last Friday off before one full week of work and then two full weeks of vacation! So excited!
  • The Husband and I biked to our date night location, and I almost forgot how awesome it feels to ride a bike (try it out sometime)! So free and fun!
  • We tried to be really healthy and have salads and then our plan was to head over to The Cake Bake Shop and get a slice of cake to split…but they were CLOSED for a private party. Major bummer, but I made up for it with some caramel popcorn! ;)
  • We’re headed to northern Indiana this weekend to see my parents and my brother. My brother has requested a round of miniature golf, so we’ll see who wins (and who throws a fit)!
  • Did you guys know that I beat The Husband in fantasy football last week? I had to rub that in real quick. ;) Booya!

Happy weekend, friends! What are you up to?