Five for Friday, Vol. 97 – No Sweat Fall


Just a random collection for today’s Five for Friday post of some of my favorite fall items that I’ve found recently.

I don’t know about you all, but fall is really my favorite time to shop. The jewel/darker colors line up with my favorite hues and colors that I like to wear, and everything just seems a lot richer with all the layers and contrasting fabrics. You can be more creative without suffering through all the sweat that comes with summer layering (you know, I know it…someone had to say it!).

Fall for the win, my friends.

ps. As a bonus, you could probably wear all these items together and have a pretty great outfit!

  • I recently started biking, so I think I need that scarf. It’s so cute!

  • Liz Slesinski

    I love this outfit, especially the shoes and coat. Thanks for the post!