All Black Everything


Yes, I stole the title of this blog post from a Jay-Z song. Yes, I’m super cool and have lots of street cred, I know. 

Actually, do people even say “street cred” anymore (or ever)? Is it just me now?

There’s just something about an all black outfit that definitely makes you feel cool. New York City cool. Even when you’re just a girl who has lived the last 20-something years living in Indiana.

Which for those of you who are unfamiliar with American geography and culture…is nowhere near New York City and not a lick like New York City either! Which is okay, because they both have their pros (and cons), and you can wear this outfit in both locations and still feel, well, cool!


  • On Target item: Mossimo Black Wrap Blouse (available in stores, can’t find online right now; similar option here)
  • Lip Color: Covergirl (exact)
  • Necklace: Target (exact)
  • Purse: Merona, Target (super similar)
  • Pants: Old Navy (exact)
  • Heels: Merona, Target (exact)

  • Ok, so obviously that outfit is amazing, but I cannot stop staring at the pretty colors on the building behind you. So fun!

    Jess |

  • I’m an erstwhile New Yorker and current Hoosier, and I haven’t changed my style one bit (aside from getting older and making my hemlines accordingly longer and my clothes accordingly less ripped up) since then. Rock on!


  • Sarah

    So chic! And I love the colorful background — it makes the black pop even more!


  • Great outfit! You’re much hipper than me because I had no idea that was a Jay-Z song, and I lived my entire life in Pittsburgh ;) You gain a ton of street cred for that, and also for this outfit. Love!

  • Love this look–very cool and sophisticated! I’ve been looking for a long string of “pearls” like that–guess I need to hit up Target!

  • Kaci

    Do I spy Good Morning Mama’s?