10 Things Tuesday (9.22.15)


Ten Things I’ve Loved This Past Week on The Internet:

  1. You guys follow this blog because you also like animal graphic sweaters, right? Like this sly fox onethis adorable bird one, this wise owl one, and this sweet little deer one? Okay good! ;)
  2. Blogger love of the week: How cute is Jess in this boho-fall outfit? The necklace is the perfect topper piece for this look too! “Love” it!
  3. When they name a sweater after you AND it has a houndstooth pattern….you put it on your wishlist! ;)
  4. I’m a little late on this one, but please tell me you saw the History of Rap, Part 6 with Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon? Sooooo good and funny!
  5. How sweet is this story of two dog best friends? One of them tried to get help when the other dog got stuck in a hole! Dog stories always melt my heart!
  6. Someone try and tell me that this purse isn’t a great knockoff of an expensive designer bag (and it is under $50 and comes in beautiful fall colors)? Just stop it! #targetdoesitagain
  7. Isn’t it great when celebrities/sports stars make the news because they are doing good, instead of getting pulled over/going to rehab/etc.? I have to share some love for one of my favorite quarterbacks, and what he did for a woman dying of cancer. You’re a class act (and much much more), Peyton Manning!
  8. I feel like the Maison Jules brand (here) has really upped its game this season. I linked to one of their outfits last week, and I’d also look to wear this one out shopping with friends or on a cozy date with The Husband!
  9. This “Behind the Scenes” feature on J.Crew’s prior and current models was cute! I loved the “then” and “now” comparisons and that they asked them what their “spirit emoji” was!
  10. It’s practically fall, so of course I need alllll the blanket scarves right now. I love this aztec print one (under $25!) and this plaid one too!


  • Thanks for sharing that Peyton article! Great story. I keep hoping he’ll win a Super Bowl and can then retire. I’d actually pick him over the colts, then the colts can win next year. =)

  • Sarah H.

    Look at you, spiffy!!! I like the print on that shirt!

    ~Sarah of Sarah’s Real Life

  • L Magoon

    Love the Merona hot air balloon shirt. . . have it in the sweater, but if I ever found that shirt I’m afraid I’d have to snap it up. Just too fun.

  • That Katie sweater – too perfect for you!