Start the Fall Transition


Life is great in the fall, where the weather is cool in the morning and the leaves are already crunching under my feet on long walks with The Puppy. But Indiana weather is weird, and we’ve had days where it definitely doesn’t feel like fall is coming!

So what’s a style blogger (or any other reasonable person) to do when the whole blogging community is abuzz with fall love, but you’re sweltering in the late summer heat? Work in some fall colors (navy, burgundy, burnt orange, mustard yellow, olive green, etc.) with fall like items (felt hats, oxford shoes, ankle boots, scarves, etc.), while still keeping this outfit temperature friendly to fight those 80-90 degree afternoons.

And that my friends is how I’m beating the summer heat while still proclaiming my love to all things fall!

ps. Another day, another Old Navy floral skirt remixed on the blog…sick of these skirts, yet? I’m thinking of ordering the yellow one next!


  • Okay I am totally fangirling over this outfit. I am obsessed with the colors for one (navy, burgundy, and tan!!! faves!) and those shoes! You are really making me think I need that skirt. I wear my red-orange solid one a lot, so I’m sure I could work in a patterned one easily too!

  • Caliope Couture

    Love this look! The berry coloured skirt is perfect for fall!!
    x Chris from

  • Sarah H.

    Love love love it! That’s 3 loves: 1 for faking fall, 1 for mixed prints, and 1 for the hat.
    ~Sarah of Sarah’s Real Life

  • Definitely wearing this outfit next week, seeing as I have most of the pieces and the weather in Texas is not really feeling fall yet/ever. I’ve been going back and forth about wanting to try oxfords again, though my closet always seems to reject them, and you’re doing a fabulous job of convincing me to snag a pair this season.

    xo nicole