Five for Friday, Vol. 98 – Army Green and Cobalt Blue


In Wednesday’s What I Wish I Wore post (here, if you missed it), I professed my love for a fall color combo (red and burgundy), but I’m back again two days later with a whole new color mix that might be my new favorite!

Army green and cobalt blue!

It’s no secret that I love blue (specifically Colts blue which is really cobalt blue), so that’s no surprise, but pairing it with green is something new in these parts! Give it a try at home (with neutrals), and you might just be surprised with how much you like it!

  • Blue and green are ALWAYS one of my favorite color combos (wearing it right now!). I realllly want a cobalt blue (which I also call “Colts blue” purse for Christmas. This one might make the cut.