Practice What You Preach


Today’s fun highlights:

  • This morning in the Five for Friday post (here), I told you all that cobalt blue and olive green make a great color combination, and I wouldn’t be a very good blogger, if I didn’t put that into action for you, so here you go! Cobalt blue and olive green in a real life outfit!
  • The Husband bought me a massage for our anniversary back in April, and I finally had it this week! So blissful and my shoulders really needed it! Then afterwards, we date-nighted to our favorite sushi spot! Am I lucky or what?
  • Working today, but then it is two full weeks of vacation! I don’t think I ever officially announced it here, but The Husband and I are off to explore five countries in Europe (Ireland, Amsterdam, Belgium, Germany, and Austria). We’ve been planning and counting down the days, and it’s finally here! Can’t wait to get this journey started and share it with you when we get back!
  • You better believe today’s jacket (here) is coming with me to Europe. Worth its minor weight in gold! ;)
  • Does anyone have any recommendations for any “must dos” in those countries? Things to eat? Places to see?
  • Don’t worry…I worked my tail off, and you’ll have a full two weeks of posts…it’ll be like I wasn’t even missing! ;)
  • ps. Have all of you Taylor Swift fans downloaded Ryan Adams’s redo of “1989”? It’s on iTunes (here), and I. Love. It.

Weekend sales:

Happy weekend, friends! What are you up to?


  • In Ireland go to Dingle (west coast of Ireland). It might be the most beautiful place I’ve seen on this planet. I would go back to Ireland just to go there. The town was quaint and cute and driving the “dingle loop” was truly unforgettable.
    Have a great time!! We did 2 weeks in Europe a few weeks ago and it was great but I’ve honestly never loved America more than the day we got back.

  • I am in love with that shirt. And it looks amazing with the jacket. So many heart eyes emojis.

  • Hope you guys have a fantastic trip! Should be a dream without the summer crowds! :) All I can say is be a walking tourist as much as possible, it’s really the best way to explore.

  • You people take such good vacations! Have an amazing time (my suggestions: lots of cheese. and beer). And I would absolutely pack that jacket. Perfect for Europe, and also for the good ol’ midwest, where I’ve been wearing mine like crazy.

  • Meresu

    My only tip would be to download a language app just in case ;) I’m so excited for you!

  • melvel

    i have had that shirt in various color ways in my cart for a few days now. So tempted to just pull the trigger.

  • LOVE the pop of cobalt!


  • I want every single part of this outfit. So pretty! Have a wonderful trip!