On Trend: Colonel Mustard


…in the Library…with the wrench.

Or with the fox scarf and the yellow pumps. ;) Did anyone else grow up playing tons of the Clue board game. I always wanted to be Mrs. Peacock or Miss Scarlet (blue and red forever and ever apparently), but Colonel Mustard definitely had the coolest title.

Mustard yellow (or goldenrod, as I found many retailers prefer to use…much classier that way ;)) is always a big color for fall, and this year is no exception. It’s not the easiest color in the world to pull off, and I’m still on a search for the “perfect” mustard yellow sweater for my own fall wardrobe, but I loved all eight of these pieces for adding a little zing to your fall.

ps. Also, if you love yellow, be sure to check out my post here on the Limited’s fall collection. Tons of other great yellow pieces that I didn’t want to just duplicate here!

  1. Merona Mustard Yellow Buckle Crossbody Purse
  2. Old Navy Mustard Yellow Pixie Pants
  3. Sole Society Yellow Fox Scarf (so cute!)
  4. Old Navy Mustard Yellow Stripe Tee (other colors available too)
  5. Mossimo Supply Co. Yellow Boyfriend Cardigan (comes in lots of other colors too!)
  6. Loft Mustard Yellow Utility Shirt
  7. Old Navy Yellow Plaid Button Down Shirt
  8. Sole Society Mustard Yellow Suede Heels (other colors and patterns too)

  • Omg I loved playing Clue as a kid! The SNES game, actually, because then I could play by myself too haha. #onlychildprobs I always had to be Miss Scarlet! I wish I could pull off these great yellow items, but as a redhead, I’m wary of yellow. Womp.

  • Ooh, yes a great amount of zing. I have nothing this color in my wardrobe, but I did a double-take walking by a local boutique and seeing a mustard cropped wool jacket on a mannequin in the window. This decides it – I need to go back and try it on! Especially love the pumps and the stripes you found!