September 2015 Budget

September’s one of my favorite months to shop, because the clothing is strictly fall and the colors that are out are almost all jewel tones, which are my favorite. It is also very easy for me to make the most out of my budget in September thanks to all the Labor Day sales!

Check out September’s budget below to see the damage:


September 2015 Budget
+ Merona Red/Navy Floral Print Blouse – $16 ($25 originally – 35% Labor Day sale – here)
+ Merona Colorblocked Blanket Scarf – $20 ($23 originally – 10% off Labor Day sale – here)
+ Old Navy Navy Ponte Circle Skirt – $9 ($20 originally – sale price – 30% off sale – here)
+ Target Faux Pearl Necklace – $9 ($17 originally –Labor Day sale – here)
+ Merona Fit and Flare Blue Tweed Dress – $18 ($28 – 35% off Labor Day sale – here)
+ Merona Green Utility Shirt – $16 ($25 – 35% off Labor Day sale – here)
+ Sole Society Gingham Print Loafers – $30 ($65 originally – Labor Day sale – here)
+ Talbots Stripe Peter Pan Collar Sweater – $50 ($90 originally – Labor Day sale – here)

Not Pictured:
+ Loft Tweed Flare Skirt – $16 ($60 originally – 40% off sale – $20 credit to Loft – here)*
+ Mossimo Black Wrap Blouse – $16 ($25 originally – 35% Labor Day sale – not online yet, check your local store!)

Total Spent: $200

Goal: $200
Amount Under/Over: +$0 = $200 – $200
Total Saved: $178 = $378 (if not on sale) – $200
Item Count: 10
Carryover to Next Month: $31 = $31 + $0

*Means it was marked off my 2015 Wishlist (see that post here)

You guys! How did I actually end up hitting my budget EXACTLY? That’s impressive…so impressive that I should get to win the Showcase prize or something! ;)

Like I mentioned above, September is one of my favorite times to shop, and I’m head over heels for all of the fall collections that are in stores right now, but especially Target’s! I wasn’t wowed with Target’s summer and pre-fall collections and was actually starting to wonder if I was going to be able to keep up the one-item-from-Target-per-day outfit posts, because I just wasn’t loving anything Target. That all changed when I saw their fall collection and wanted EVERYTHING. I kept it to five items for now (and a dress I bought to wear to some weddings that I didn’t include in my budget since I desperately needed it), but expect this girl to do some more damage in the next coming months.

The sweater I purchased from Talbots was 1/4 of my budget, which is normally too much for me to spend on a top, but it was MADE for me! Peter pan collar. Blue and white. Stripes. Not to mention that it very good quality, and I can’t wait for the temperatures to cool down so that I can wear it!

I outgrew my navy flare skirt, and the navy flare skirt was too affordable to pass up. Expect to see lots and lots and lots of outfits with it. It comes in three other colors, so I might just have to pick up another one!

Things That Didn’t End Up Working
+ This gray t-shirt dress from Loft – super thin material and nearly see through! Not cool, Loft.
+ And these high-lo sweaters from Loft – just a bit too boxy on me, but maybe could work if you’re shorter than me, because the colors are great!?
+ This gray plaid blazer from Target – just not a good color combination for me, but super fall-like and almost J.Crew style for way way less!

I’m going to be traveling for the first part of October, but I’m hoping to pick up some more fall staples later in the month. Stay tuned this week for my Fall Wishlist to see what might be coming in the next couple of months!

How did you do this month on your budget? I’m linking up with Franish’s Budgeting Bloggers, and you should too!

  • I just picked that scarf up today! Such a great buy

  • The actual fall offerings every where have been ten times better than the pre-fall. And yes, you win BOTH showcases!

  • I’m kicking myself for neglecting Talbots! That sweater is the cutest thing and I love that the collar is detatchable.

  • Oh wow, I’ve come close to hitting my budget, but never bang on perfectly before! Haha, nicely done. I’m loving that colour blocked scarf you got.