Five for Friday, Vol. 99 – What’s In A Name?


Maroon. Oxblood. Black cherry. Burgundy. Wine. Dark red. Crimson. Or maybe marsala, 2015 Color of the Year (remember this post)?

Whatever you call it, I like it. I like it a lot! It’s the perfect color for fall (and winter, but let’s not EVEN think about that yet), and it’s slowly showing up more in stores and online for purchase! Some of my favorites can be found below, and I also included a graphic print sweater that would pair nicely with the other four!

So call it what you want and wear it with ease!

  • “Merlot” is my favorite I think. Has nice connotations :) And also I really do love it… just put together a similar collage for next week myself! The ankle boots would be so fun in this color, and that purse really is super chic.

  • Alison @ Peacoat Diaries

    I love that doxie sweater, but unfortunately the execution isn’t the best – the stitching around each dog is lumpy and obvious. Probably would have been better on a darker background.

    And oxblood is my favorite name, because it’s a little dark and twisty :)