What to Wear to a Fall Wedding


A few weeks ago, we attended a wedding for one of The Husband’s friends, and I was honestly at a loss as to what to wear, which is actually how I feel about most big events.

Am I going to be underdressed? Overdressed? Wearing the same color as the bridesmaids?

I had actually worn this dress to my cousin’s wedding the weekend before, and with just a statement necklace and clutch, it worked well for an 85 degree day. So, since no one but The Husband was at both weddings, I figured I could cheat the system and just wear the same outfit again. Well, the next weekend turned out to be a 55 degree day (yay fall weather), and I am not going to only wear a sleeveless dress in those kind of temperatures!

Insert the cardigan. The best friend of all sleeveless dresses in the fall.

This was not the most conventional of color combinations, but I really liked how fall-like it was (and I knew I would not match the navy bridesmaid dresses at all), and it always helps when you tone it down with some neutral accessories.

So grab your wedding gift, and don’t forget your cardigan when you’re headed to your fall weddings this year!

ps. This outfit also works for work…bonus!


  • I love the color of that dress but don’t think I could pull it off with my red hair! And not matching the bridesmaids…I think that before every wedding! Lots of time I don’t know the colors before I go!

  • L Magoon

    Great way to wear a summer-ish cardigan in the fall! Love the color combination.

  • Ahhh! The purse! heart eyes forever!