What to Pack: Fall in Europe Edition

Oh hey guys! We just got back from our Europe trip on Saturday night, and despite my best efforts, I’m slightly jet lagged, so I don’t have a ton of energy to pull together an outfit post for you today. However, I promise I will be back at it tomorrow (though I probably won’t be sharing shots from Europe until next week). Instead, I thought you might like to see what I packed for the trip, since you all seem to have enjoyed my prior packing posts (see What To Pack: Hawaii Edition and What to Pack: Cruise Edition). 


Full disclosure: there are of a lot of other style bloggers who do “What to Pack” guides. Only they’re normally they’re checking a bag…and I didn’t.

I needed some help on what to pack for Europe and the various countries we went to (Ireland, Netherlands, and Germany), and I ended up creating this after not finding a lot! I can personally guarantee that all these items can fit into a regulation sized carry-on suitcase, your personal item (use a backpack/tote and put your purse inside it along with your in-flight entertainment items), and what you end up wearing on the plane. Super great right? Feel free to send me the $20-50 you save on checked bag fees. ;)

  • Black Tee: Casual and cool and works with everything. Enough said! Pair it with your black skirt for an “almost” dress.
  • Stripe Tee: You know I love me some stripes and definitely can’t last one week, let alone 2 weeks without one! Wear it with the black pants and the jean jacket. Or with jeans and vest. Or with everything (too much?)!
  • Graphic Tee: Perfect for site-seeing. Easy peasy, right?
  • Cardigan: Take one. Trust me. Perfect for layering and easy to remove if it heats up during the day or add a jacket/vest to if it cools down.
  • Gingham/Plaid Shirt: An easy piece that can be worn alone or underneath a cardigan or sweater.
  • Bonus Shirt: I would take one or two more shirts, because they’re small and easy to mix in with your four pairs of pants. I chose this embroidered black and white tee from J.Crew Factory!
  • Sweatshirt: This one looks so cozy and comfy for wearing on the plane or on a tour bus.
  • Chambray Shirt: Another easy piece that can be worn alone, as a light layer over the tees, or underneath a cardigan or sweater.
  • Sweater: You can bring this white cable beauty with you or buy one in Ireland where they are famous for their cable knit sweaters!
  • Jean Jacket: A great light layer piece…you’ll probably be recognized as an American though, as this is a classic Americana piece! ;)
  • Colored Pants: Because you can only wear jeans for so many days and a little color never hurt!
  • Black Pants/Jeans: Leggings work here too. It’s just another great alternative to regular blue jeans.
  • Print Pants: Because you got to have a little print in your life to keep it interesting over the two weeks that we were in Europe!
  • Jeans: I would wear these onto the plane (takes up less room that way!). You choose the rinse and wear them with everything, duh! ;)
  • Utility Jacket: This is the perfect jacket for exploring Europe. Easy neutral to wear with everything and pockets on top of pockets for holding maps, phones, cameras, etc.
  • Puffer Vest: Another easy layering option. I wore mine everywhere!
  • Ankle Boots: Don’t pack these and wear them on the plane to save room!
  • Two Pairs of Flats (leopard, navy): Perfect for walking all day…which is what you do when you’re site-seeing in Europe. These both are affordable and comfy.
  • Sunglasses: Because even though you’re not on a beach, you still need sun protection!
  • Sneakers: These are the shoes you’ll wear when you’re walking up miles of cobblestones to a German castle or frolicing in the Ireland fields. Lightweight and in a neutral color. This pair doesn’t scream tourist!
  • Scarf: Layering options are a must in fall, and this scarf can also double as a blanket on the plane!
  • Crossbody Purse: Hands-free traveling is the best kind. This purse is pricey, but you can find more affordable ones. It easily holds a wallet, tickets, sunglasses, camera, and a small bottle of water, which is exactly what I need it to hold and no more!

So that’s it for my fall in Europe packing guide. Obviously, you’ll need accessories, undergarments, toiletries, books/magazines/Kindles/iPads, etc., but that’s more person to person needs anyway.

Is there anything you would add or subtract from my list?

  • Perfection! Love how this includes so many neutral mix & match basics but is not boring at all thanks to pattern and texture. I was going to say I’m saving this for when I can next convince Peter to take me to Europe, but actually I think I just want this to be my closet in general :)

  • Liz Slesinski

    Awesome post! I’m living for a year in Germany and deciding what to pack was definitely a challenge… I like how all of the items you packed could be mixed and matched to have lots of outfit combinations.

  • Dahiana Fulgencio

    awesome post! I am planning a trip to Europe for next spring and this has given me some inspiration. thanks!

  • I love these, great ideas of staple items and also for a capsule wardrobe! I wish I had packed that light when we went to Europe (although the husband and I combined only checked one bag so we weren’t horrible at least!).