Mad for Macy’s

I love Macy’s. It’s “my department store”…doesn’t everyone have one that they really really like? I haven’t really shopped at Macy’s in the longest time, which is kind of funny (to me at least)!

You see, when I was growing up and developing my keen sense of style (hah!), my mom and I would always go into our local mall through the Macy’s entrance and check out the clearance rack of shoes! Fond fond fond memories of picking out really cute shoes and conning my mom into buying them for me, and also picking out not-so-cute shoes and making each other try them on for laughs. Moms are the best, aren’t they?

So Macy’s definitely has a soft spot in my heart!

My favorite brands are definitely Maison Jules and Tommy Hilfiger, but recently I’ve been loving some things out of the Charter Club line (that. fox. sweater!). It’s definitely all more expensive that my Target picks, but I feel that the step up in price comes with a step up in quality, and you can also wait around for a sale/coupon code (use code LOOKS for an extra 25% off select items today through Oct. 18)!

So after that warning, enjoy checking out and clicking on my top picks from Macy’s fall lines!