Apple (Picking) of My Eye


This past Sunday, The Husband and I went apple picking for the second time! We apparently went to Pleasant View Orchards with the rest of Indianapolis, since the place was PACKED!

We’re apparently a little late this year for the apples (who knew?), and most of the trees had either dropped most of their fruit or had been pretty picked over, but we did get a whole bunch of Golden Delicious apples and a new-to-me-apple, Mutsu apples!

And then when we brought them home, I knew I wanted to turn them into a crisp like we made last year, but I couldn’t remember where I got the recipe or any of the ingredients minus oatmeal. And, then I remembered the best part of having a blog…when you share your favorite apple crisp recipe (here) with all your internet friends last year…you just have to search your blog for it! #win

And yes, it was another successful year of delicious apple crisp! ;)

Have you gone apple picking yet this year?


  • Kaci

    Local orchards are picked over already?! Oh no!

  • Sarah H.

    Haha we’re having a chili night with some friends on Saturday and I totally googled my own blog to find my vegetarian chili recipe. Also, how did I not know about this apple orchard? I went to one in Peru, IN, a couple years ago though. They have hard cider tastings, so I definitely recommend :)

    ~Sarah of Sarah’s Real Life

  • Perfect look for pumpkin and apple picking!