Ireland Travel Diary

Whelp, guys. I slightly blew it.

I had grand ideas of taking tons of outfit photos while on vacation, and then I was too busy having a blast and exploring, that it really only ended up being one per locale, so what was originally going to be two weeks of travel outfits is now just four posts. I’ll be doing two this week and two more next week. So get ready for outfits posts that also include European landmarks! The best of both worlds, right?

Our first stop was Ireland (fun fact: it was also the cheapest for us to fly in-and-out of)! I’ve previously visited in 2009 when I was studying abroad, but I had never seen Dublin or anything really beyond the western coast (aka Cliffs of Moher), so I was excited to see pretty much the entire country.

Check out below for more from our Ireland itinerary and what might be my favorite jacket ever! Seriously think about purchasing this jacket guys (I’ll try to watch out for sales on it for you all). The weight is great, and all the pockets really helped keep my stuff together (perfect for passport/boarding passes)!


Top Ten Things to Do in Ireland (in the order we did them):

  1. Guinness Storehouse – We were suppose to get into Dublin at 7:30am and have the whole day to explore. Well, American Airlines had some issues (a cargo latch not closing is not good!), so we ended not getting into Dublin until 11:00am, which set us back. We were both exhausted at that point (since we’re terrible plane sleepers), and our plans were all screwed up, so we tried to make the most of it by heading to the Guinness Storehouse for some fun and some beer. The Guinness Storehouse is a combo of a beer/Guinness museum and a observation deck bar that provided a great overview of Dublin (complete with notable landmarks noted on the glass). It was a nice break from the city bustle and a good way to recharge (though fairly expensive entry fee in my opinion).
  2. Trinity College – After driving around the city (parking is hard to find in Dublin) and checking into our hotel, we wanted to stretch our legs and see some more of the city. Our hotel was just a short walk away from the Trinity College/Temple Bar area, so we headed over there to explore. We had to cut through the St. Stephen’s Green (a very gorgeous park), which was a nice break from the city. Trinity College is a beautiful campus and made me think of my beloved Indiana University!
  3. Temple Bar – This is a rowdy area with tons of traditional Irish pubs and other restaurants (though is suppose to be home to a lot of cultural institutions as well). It was Sunday, and nearly everyone was eating chicken wings and drinking beer. Slightly hilarious, because isn’t that we do here on Sundays?! ;)
  4. Seafood Chowder and Brown Bread – This was my Irish staple meal, and I love it! The seafood was super fresh (that’s what happens when you’re essentially on a giant island) and flavorful, and the bread provided a great dipping vessel into the creamy broth! I wish I had a bowl right now! The Husband had beef and Guinness stew and fish and chips while we were in Ireland, and I really enjoyed sampling those too.
  5. Cliffs of Moher – This is actually the most visited attraction in all of Ireland AND was featured in The Husband and I’s favorite movie of all time, The Princess Bride, so of course we had to go! I had been here previously in 2009, but still really enjoyed seeing it again! Such a beautiful view!
  6. Bunratty Castle  – When I went to Ireland in 2009, we ran out of time to actually go into this castle, so we had planned on actually going in on this trip. Unfortunately, the ticket prices were too much for our cheap blood, so we enjoyed seeing the outside of the castle and a lunch at an old creamery on the property.
  7. Lough Gur – This place seemed straight out of a movie. Lough means lake, and it was basically a historical site with lots of different sites. Very cool road stop if you have the time.
  8. The Ring of Kerry – BEST thing we did in Ireland. It’s hard to explain, but basically you drive along a route, stop when you want to see various sites (old castles, fishing villages, stone forts, beautiful coastal views, etc.), and continue on the road until you want to stop again! We spent a whole day doing this, and I love every moment of it. Doing this is totally worth the battle of driving in Ireland!
  9. Irish Coffee– On our last stop on the Ring of Kerry, we stopped in the cute town of Kenmare (where these photos were taken). We were on the hunt for a sweater (see below) and an Irish coffee, since we hadn’t had one yet. The local bar served us one, but it was ridiculously strong. Turns out that one bartender had started making it and another one had finished it…they both added whiskey though. Good thing for The Husband who finished it off like a champ.
  10. The Hunt for a Fisherman Sweater – The only souvenir that I wanted was an authentic Irish fisherman/cable knit sweater. Spoiler alert: I never found one that I liked and tried on dozens of options. I made up for it by ordering this sweater from L.L. Bean (which actually was significantly cheaper than all the Irish versions), and I’m super excited to wear it alllll winter long!


As great and amazing as Ireland was…it was actually our least favorite country of the trip (gasp!). Stay tuned for our favorites (we each had different favorites)! There will be a new Europe post tomorrow and then again next week on Wednesday/Thursday!

Have you ever been to Ireland?


  • ann

    I brought a fisherman’s sweater back from the UK years ago and I knitted one for my husband. We both ended up giving them away because they were so heavy they were too warm to wear. Kinda wish I still had them now that we live in the North!

  • The exact same thing happened to me while I was in Tokyo! Thankfully my friend let me use some of the pics he took, haha, but still no outfit posts! Ah well. Ireland is next on my list! :) | Austin Style Blog

  • That’s exactly how I felt on my trips. I totally planned on getting great pictures from all these amazing places…and then like nothing at all actually happened. But that’s the point for us working ladies who also blog – it’s an actual vacation!

  • Sarah H.

    Oh em geeeeeeee your trip sounds amazing. I’ve never really had a desire to go to Ireland, but now I kinda do. Or I’ll just wear a fisherman’s sweater and drink Irish coffee and call it a day. It’s cheaper.

    ~Sarah of Sarah’s Real Life

  • This is great!! Beautiful pictures! We did Ireland after 10 days in England/Scotland and while the first part was gorgeous (Dingle, Cliffs of Moher) by the end (Dublin) and three straight days of rain, we were ready to be home. The only thing we did in Dublin was eat, sleep, and go to Guinness (I agree, overpriced). Glad you had a great time and looking forward to reading about the rest!

  • I have never been to Ireland, but that’s definitely on my list for next time. I actually haven’t been to any of the UK! I mostly have traveled eastern Europe as well as Spain, Sweden and Denmark. Can’t wait to go back, and see more of your posts!

  • Amanda

    Looks like you had great weather! I swear it rained every day during my visit there, but with enough Guinness…who cares!

    I definitely want to invest in this jacket – love the green and the red/merlot version! Waiting on a sale :)e

  • Meresu

    I remember my Aunt brought me back a sweater after her trip to the UK. The funny part was the tag said made in USA.

  • Dabney Smith

    I’ve been to Ireland, and I loooooved it!!! We went all over the country and saw some seriously beautiful places!! Besides Amsterdam and the U.K., Ireland is my very favorite place!! Best accent, too!!!!

  • The field jacket does Europe – LOVE it! My go-to item here, so perfect for travel. You look put-together and stylish but it’s totally functional. Love seeing those Dublin doors again and being reminded of my trip there… sadly I was a 20 year old who didn’t like beer at all when we went to the Guinness storehouse. Fun fact: my mom bet me 10 Euro (which was a good value in dollars!) that I couldn’t drink half of the free pint, and that’s the only reason I did :)