Quintessential Fall Outfit


Today’s fun highlights:

  • A full workweek? Who does that? Apparently this girl does for at least one Friday in October! ;)
  • This is totally my quintessential fall outfit: oversized scarf + field jacket + something leopard print + sweater + jeans + loafers. I love it!
  • I wore this outfit to go see The Martian last Friday. The movie was very very good and super entertaining, but it left SO MUCH out from the book. The book is a million times better. Why is the book always better?!
  • The Husband and I went a bit crazy while at IKEA last weekend. Please someone tell me that this has happened to someone else. We drove over to Cincinnati for two nightstands and came back with two nightstands, one dresser, and a new headboard! Whoops.
  • We also came back with a giant (seriously…it’s huge) canvas picture of an Amsterdam canal (complete with bike) that might be my new favorite thing ever.
  • This weekend The Husband is out of town this Saturday visiting some buddies, so I’m at a loss as to what to do (besides take myself to brunch)! Any ideas (beyond vacuuming the house…because I have to do that too)?!
  • There are FOUR live football games on Sunday, since Yahoo is streaming the first NFL game for everyone! So yes, on Sunday, you’ll find me planted on my couch editing photos for the blog and yelling at the TV for almost all of the four games! #priorities

Weekend sales:

Happy weekend, friends! What are you up to?


  • Kaci

    There is a lot of stuff from the book missing from The Martian – I knew there would be cuts, but (SPOILERS), I was really surprised the rover trip was obstacle free.

    Have you checked out Deviate Brewery yet? They’re in my neck of the woods, but I definitely think they’re worth a try. Their stuff is pretty unique. And they’re just down Michigan Road from Target. :)

  • Totally I love with this outfit! I need those shoes! I really enjoyed the Martian too, but I agree that a lot of great stuff was left out!

  • I have that striped ON hoodie (or last year’s version, I guess) and it’s super comfy! And I JUST got those same olive pants, looking forward to seeing how you style them! AND I just picked up The Martian from the library. I’ve heard s lot of good things about it!

  • Sarah H.

    Totally quintessential. Actually, if you could wear one loafer and one OTK boot, that would be even better. Think about it for next time.

    ~Sarah of Sarah’s Real Life

  • Quintessential and perfect! I think I might have to finally cave on that scarf after seeing how perfect it looks with the field jacket here :) Also, that was “my” Ikea! I miss having such easy access… it was only 15-20 minutes from our Cincinnati house. Now when I need cheap frames or nightstands I’m just out of luck.

  • Great outfit! I saw this scarf online and it didn’t do anything for me, but after seeing it on you, it’s so so cute and now I think I may need it. So my closet (but not my wallet) thanks you!