It’s a Plaid World, Plaid World


This title was meant to be a nod to the Tears for Fears/Gary Jules’s song “Mad World,” because I liked the word play. But when I went to look at the lyrics for this post, it turns out that that song has THE WORLD’S SADDEST LYRICS EVER!

I mean…read them for yourself here. Yikes.

But you’ll see that I kept the title, because you know what’s not sad? Plaid. Specifically plaid blazers from Target, but especially when you wear them with new pants, new shoes, AND a new purse (awkward).

So cheer up guys, it is a plaid world after all (maybe next time I’ll stick with “It’s a Small World” lyrics…that’s a much happier song)!

ps. Did you know that “It’s a Small World” is the ONLY Disney song to never be copyrighted? UNICEF requested it as a “gift to the children of the world”, and Walt Disney agreed!


  • lboe2000

    There’s a song by Guster that is much happier and goes “It isn’t such a bad, bad world…”. So your title rhymes with that too!

  • I thought, at first glace, it was a nod to the 1963 film It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. All would work. Plaid is infinitely better.

  • Kaci

    Love the new wedges!

  • Jennifer Rzasa

    I thought of Mad World right away when I read your blog title! I love that song…it makes me think of the super sad scene in Donnie Darko. Cute outfit, by the way :)