What I Wish I Wore, Vol. 104 – Playing Favorites


It’s hard to pick a favorite What I Wish I Wore outfit, because I honestly wish I wore/owned them all. It’s why I do them! Besides the fact that I still think one day they’re magically appear in my closet…because who wants to miss out on the day that that happens?

But even though it’s hard to pick a favorite…if you asked me today, it would be this one.

Cozy turtleneck sweater! Buffalo plaid skirt! Diamond print tights! Beautiful high wedge boots that I would probably break an ankle in, because I’m that clumsy!

But today, even with the threat of a broken ankle, this one’s still my favorite!

  • This skirt is perfection!!

  • After many years of Catholic education, I can’t quite bring myself to wear plaid skirts again. But that is a very cute outfit! I love the boots!