Brown or Purple or Burgundy?


I have a fun new game for us to play today. It’s called “Brown or Purple or Burgundy?” and the goal of the game…is to tell me what color my sweater is.

Sounds easy, right? Wrong.

It’s labeled here on Target’s website as brown, and I thought when I was ordering it that I was getting this gorgeous (and oh-so-soft) chocolate brown sweater. It arrived, and frankly I thought Target had sent me the wrong sweater (it’s happened before, people!)! No worries though Target, because the color was the beautiful burgundy/oxblood color, and you’re all sick of hearing how obsessed I am with this color this fall. So into the keep pile it goes, and I’m thinking I have a brand-new burgundy sweater!

Well then I head over to my best friend B’s house for Tuesday Girl Date (where we watch trashy TV and catch up on each other’s lives…highly recommend this weekly tradition), and she was wearing the same sweater! Only she thought it was a moody purple-y color!

So it’s up to you guys! Is Target’s website right…aka brown? Or is it my vote for burgundy (don’t be swayed by the home team ;))? Or does B knock it out of the park with her purple vote?


  • Sarah

    I am here for that nail polish color. Thanks for linking it. Question, how is the remove for the Sally Hansen gel polishes?

  • I vote purple..but who cares because it’s gorgeous!!

  • Kaci

    You’re still killing it this week! Love that windowpane skirt. I think the sweater is burgundy – definitely not brown!

  • Love this look — you look great!! Totally in love with that skirt.

    XO Emily

  • Emily ACanDoAttitude

    Team purple

  • I do not see brown in that at all! I vote purple.

  • I definitely think it’s purple! Especially next to your definitely-brown bag. Is it as soft as it looks? That’s the part I care about most ;)

  • I’m so mad at myself for returning this skirt last spring–it’s so cute for pretty much any season! I’ve actually been hunting for it on eBay, so I’m glad to see you included some other windowpane skirt options here–thanks!

  • L Magoon

    My first impression was that it was a purple sweater, so I’ll stick with that. However, lighting makes a world of difference, so a sweater that’s purple outside, might be brown inside! :)