Five for Friday, Vol. 104 – Once in a Blue Moon


Once in a blue moon (just kidding, it’s WAY more than that), I like to tell you guys that blue is my favorite color. Turns out a paint company (Dulux Paints) conducted a survey and found that 42% of males and 30% of females say that blue is their favorite color. Red and green came in second!

Sad day for yellow, though…only 5% picked it as their favorite.

But sorry, yellow, I’m a proud, card-carrying member of that 30% of blue-loving females…and here are my top five current favorite color picks!

What’s your ABSOLUTELY favorite color (and if it is blue, you have to tell me you favorite kind of blue: ocean, sky, Colts blue ;))?!

  • Sarah

    Those ankle boots, total heart eyes. My favorite color is green, nearly all greens, but sapphire blue and cobalt blue are pretty up there too.

  • Dabney Smith

    I love purple!! Mainly eggplant, Royal, and wisteria shades!!!

  • Blue is also my favorite color, always has been and I don’t see that changing! Lately, my favorite shade has been a Colts blue but for clothes I do a lot of navy. I’ve been thinking about that argyle sweater from Target. Do you have it? I feel like I’d have trouble styling it.

  • Mrs. Smith

    Those booties are fantastic! <3

    Cobalt for sure.