On Trend: Go For The Green


My friend B is probably the biggest lover of green ever (and owls for the record ;)), so I’m always looking out for green pieces for her! Lime green, forest green, kelly green, and seafoam green…she loves them all! And since her birthday is this week…I figured now is as good of a time to share some green finds!

Plus, green is such a versatile color for fall that it’s almost reached neutral levels (especially in olive shades), and aren’t nutritionists always encouraging us to get more greens in our lives? I’m pretty sure this is what they meant. ;)

So go for the green!

  1. Merona Forest Green Crossbody Purse (comes in four other colors too)
  2. Merona Green/Blue Plaid Gloves (also comes in a red plaid combo here)
  3. Merona Green Stripe Sweater (under $20!)
  4. Merona Green Plaid Fleece Jacket
  5. Merona Green Satchel Purse (several readers have written in to say they love this purse!)
  6. Merona Olive Green Ankle Boots (these come in black and tan too)
  7. Merona Green/Blue Plaid Blanket Scarf (so cozy!)
  8. Old Navy Green Pants