Unseasonably Warm

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We’ve had some unseasonably warm weather this past week…like summertime warm, so I’ve been taking in the limited sunshine (anyone else struggling with the early sunsets and darkness by 6:00pm?) and baring my legs for all to see!

But enough about the silly weather….we have more important things to discuss. Like this sweater! It seems pretty unassuming and comes in a variety of colors, but let me tell you why this sweater is a must buy. 1.) I got it for $20 (on sale) and 2.) It’s both thin and thick at the same, which I understand makes NO sense at all. So let me try to explain it.

It’s a thin knit sweater, which helps it to be slim fitting and not as bulky as some heavy knit winter sweaters. I thought this would be a great layering piece for fall/winter under blazers or over buttondowns or flannels.

Well, it turns out it is a tight, thin knit sweater, which makes it pretty warm on its own. My workplace is super cold all the time (yes folks, I have a desk blanket!), and I was actually starting to get warm (which never happens) in this outfit. So score one for this sweater and score two for summer-fall temperatures in November (and score three for that Colts win yesterday!).

But then minus a million points, because…it’s Monday afterall!


  • Kaci

    I love the belt over the skirt – I wouldn’t have thought of it! It was nice to have an extra week to go without tights in Indy. I’m begrudgingly wearing them today. :(

  • I do NOT understand DSL. The weather last week was amazing and I had initially thought we could do some family bike rides…until I realized how stinkin’ early the sun sets. Ugg.

  • Yes, LOVING this weather… only complaint is that there is hardly enough daylight to enjoy it! Our sunset is seriously at 5:30. Love this sweet and sassy skirt combo :)

  • This is such a cute, simple, and cozy fall outfit!

  • I love thick but thin sweaters! It doesn’t really get all that cold down here in ‘bama, so they’re what I live in during the winter months!

  • Caliope Couture

    I love this outfit! The skirt and ballerinas are perfect. Berlin has been unseasonably warm as well these past few days so I can totally hear you :)
    Christina ♥ https://caliope.name

  • Love the belt you’re wearing! I think the warm weather may be finally gone here in Cincinnati. It was close to freezing temps this morning :(

  • Such a cute outfit!! And I have a desk blanket too :)