Ogling Old Navy


Oh Old Navy. You’ve really really REALLY stepped up your style game. Like, really. Even the Huffington Post is recognizing it (see the post here).

You even have me sort of excited for winter (don’t tell anyone, though), since you’re slowly releasing some fresh-for-winter-season items (all the pom-pom hats, please)! All the new sweaters are especially on my wishlist, and they even have an L.L. Bean boot dupe! Old Navy for the win!

So start ogling Old Navy with me and my top picks below!

  • Old Navy really is just getting better and better… however, I wish they were also getting better and better on fit too! I always see these great options and go crazy with an online order and then none of it works right on me at all. Wah wah.

  • Liz

    I knew it wasn’t just me: Old Navy really is getting better style-wise. Some great picks, thanks for the roundup! Now if I could just get them to be more consistent when it comes to their sizing…


  • Mrs. Smith

    Style wise maybe but their quality has diminished so much that I don’t even think half of it is worth it, even for the price point. :/