On Trend: Gearing Up


Gearing up for what, you might ask? Well folks, it’s the “W” word, and I’m not going to say it outloud or type it out on the computer for the world to see. Scientific reasoning suggests that if you say it outloud, you cause one more half inch of snow to fall…and I can’t take those chances! ;)

It’s definitely coming, so we might as well have the right stuff to bundle up with now. Because we’ll be kicking ourselves later when we don’t have it, and it’s out of stock or backordered until June (so helpful).

I’ve put together two winter “looks” for you. The top row technically belongs to the maroon puffer coat (more extreme weather conditions), and the bottom row to the plaid wool-blend coat (milder weather conditions or car-to-door situations), but feel free to mix and match your heart’s content!

So prepare now, bundle up, and maybe, just maybe, we can survive another “W” word! ;)

  1. Impressions by Isotoner Gray Snowflake Gloves and Old Navy Pom-Pom Hat
  2. Mossimo Purple Plaid Blanket Scarf
  3. Merona Brown/Tan Duck Boots
  4. Merona Berry Puffer Coat (comes in black and teal too!)
  5. Merona Tan Plaid Wool-Blend Coat (looooove this one!)
  6. Mossimo Greige Shearling Ankle Boots (comes in black too)
  7. Old Navy Cream Knit Hat and Muk Luks Light Blue Knit Mittens
  8. Moonshadow Cream Knit Infinity Scarf

  • L Magoon

    Hey there, if there are any fans of the Xhilaration brand at Target (a bit more oriented towards teens I think), all items are 40% off on Cartwheel today 11/15 only. (And again on Black Friday I believe, but not sure). Accessories etc are excluded.

  • Saw snow on our 10 day forecast for the first time this week…yikes.