Five for Friday, Vol. 106 – Step It Up


Guhhh (noise of fake exasperation)!

There are so many great pieces out there right now, that’s it’s getting harder and harder to narrow down to five for my Five For Friday posts from the many, many, many items that I would buy right-this-second-if-money-was-not-needed-for-mortgage-groceries-heating-puppy treats-etc. I can’t be the only one, right?

So I’m thinking smart, and looking to buy items that look WAY more expensive than they really are. Longer lengths, better details, classic patterns, great fit. They all help to make a splurge item look more spendy and keep that more of that all important money in your wallet!

That way Cooper can have his treats…and I can have plaid shoes too! ;)

  • 1. ah crap now i need that polka dot midi dress that i didn’t even know existed!
    2. i can’t believe that leather skirt is Target! I totally expected it to be BR or The Limited or something! and that price is excellent!