Busting Out the Tights

DSC095831tightscollageDSC096121DSC095891DSC096031DSC096151 tightscollDSC095961DSC096281

I accidently did it, guys. I busted out the tights. Maybe a bit early, but in my defense, it was pretty cold…like 45-degrees or something. Yes, I know it gets waaaaay colder in the Midwest (like this weekend…when we had SNOW!), but I’m a baby when it comes to cold.

Plus, these tights aren’t normal tights…they’re slightly sheer and they have polka dots on them, and on top of that, they’re awfully cute. They were practically BEGGING to be let out of my “tight drawer”! Begging, I tell you.

Plus, I probably hadn’t shaved in a couple of weeks days.

See? Practical, cute, and lazy. New slogan for the blog? I’ll definitely take it into consideration!

What about you? It’s late November, have you busted out your tights yet?


  • Those tights are so adorable–I totally get why you might want to bust them out a little earlier than absolutely necessary :)

  • I accidentally broke out my tights last Friday! It was suddenly very, very cold in Austin after being in the 70s and 80s for weeks. I try to do it later and later every year, and I think I actually waited longer this year than I have in a few! I still haven’t worn my actual-aka-non booties-boots this year, and I’m going to try to wait it out for as long as I can!